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I’m Sheliah and I’m Fairfax Education Association!

I’m Sheliah. I teach 4th through 6th grades, and I’m Fairfax Education Association. If you work for Fairfax County Public Schools, join us. Together, we can make our schools better. Click here for more information! 

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FEA Executive Director JoAnn Karsh to Retire on August 29

It is with mixed emotions we announce that Fairfax Education Association Executive Director JoAnn Karsh will retire on August 29, 2014. JoAnn’s penetrating analysis, thoughtful support to our elected leadership, and dedication to strengthening our membership will be sorely missed. As she embarks on the next phase of her life, she concludes 32 years of service to education and the Virginia Education Association.

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Dear School Board: Honor Your Commitment

You may have seen that the Fairfax County school system ended the fiscal year with more than $38 million in extra cash. On July 24, I addressed the School Board on their failure to carry out their commitments, and the following open letter is based on my remarks.

-Kimberly Adams

President, Fairfax Education Association


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