FEA is an association of education employees who work for the Fairfax County Public Schools in Fairfax, Virginia
  1. Influence - As the largest organization of professional educators in Fairfax County, we have the clout to influence salaries, working conditions and budgets for quality school programs that benefit all students.
  2. Collegiality - Teachers understand and support one another. Through FEA you and your colleagues have the opportunity to discuss and act on the professional issues that matter to you. And our free or low-cost seminars are great opportunities to meet and learn from new colleagues!
  3. Classroom ideas - You'll pick up great instructional ideas from FEA Instruction and Professional Development workshops as well as the Virginia Journal of Education, published six times a year and included in your membership. Add to that your access to nea.org and the Gateway of Educational Materials, and you have a treasure trove of strategies, tips and resources to put to use in your classroom.
  4. FEA scholarships - Every year the Fairfax Education Association Mimi Dash Scholarship awards thousands of dollars to members and children of members. In addition, grant opportunities are available from VEA and the NEA Foundation to support instructional innovation, leadership and other priorities.
  5. Advocacy and legal protection - It takes only one unfounded accusation to turn your career upside down. If the worst happens, your association membership is your lifeline. You'll be represented by a skilled, locally-based FEA Director and, if necessary, an attorney. And you’ll be covered by the Association Educators Employment Liability policy with its $1 million of insurance for claims relating to your education employment activities.
  6. Cost-saving member benefits - Through the buying power of NEA's three million members, you'll be eligible for a host of great programs from NEA Member Benefits and from VEA. Check out www.neamb.com and www.veanea.org for great rates on insurance, mobile phones, home financing, and much more!
Fairfax Education Association • 3917 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030 • Phone: 703.352.7300 • Fax: 703.359.2982