Brabrand Addresses FEA, Unionism is Important

This year’s opening Representative Assembly was the first in a long time where our members walked out optimistic about the direction of their school system.

Last Wednesday, FCPS Superintendent Scott Brabrand stopped by the Fairfax Education Association Representative Assembly and delivered some remarks to our members. He spoke mainly on the importance of being in a union that fights for worker rights, the challenges of paying our employees more, and the accountability of our school system.

One of our members asked Dr. Brabrand about the importance of belonging to a union. Dr. Brabrand told the audience that he was a member of the FEA when he was teaching and said that “if it was good enough for me, it’s good enough for you”.

Dr.  Brabrand also discussed that he wants to make sure that we pay our employees more and that it is his top priority. The FEA is excited about this but we also want to make sure that ALL employees get a raise. Also, before the new salary scales are released, we want to make sure that nobody is impacted like certain individuals on the BA and IA scales were last year. The projected FCPS deficit is 98 million dollars with a lot of that coming from salary increases. We will need a lot of help from our members to push the Board of Supervisors to put the necessary resources in to fund this.

The Superintendent also brought up accountability in the school system saying that we need to take the list of 200 things that we want to do and narrow them so that FCPS can be effective. He also said that you will get an answer from him. Dr. Brabrand said, “It may be yes. It may be no. You might like my answer. You might not. But at least you’ll know where I stand”.

FEA President Kevin Hickerson was satisfied with the meeting and said, “This has all the makings of a potentially wonderful working relationship with the Superintendent”. He continued, “We will soon be delivering FEA’s plan to make FCPS a better place to work and learn and we hope that Dr. Brabrand will deliver on the changes we want to make.”

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