Members’ Section

Each election cycle the Government Relations Council meet to determine which candidates to recommend.

The determination is made on the basis of questionnaires completed by the candidates and interviews with the candidates. Remember, this recommendation is made solely on the basis of the candidates’ positions on public education and issues relevant to education employees. The GRC does not take issues into account which do not relate in some way to public education.

If you would like to the join FEA’s GRC, please email Cindy Kirby at and she will let you know about any upcoming meetings and events.

Remember, Virginia’s voter ID laws are fairly stringent.

Find information on acceptable IDs for in person voting.

Find your polling location.


The following candidates have been recommended by the FEA and VEA GRC’s (Government Relations Councils)

School Board (FEA recommended)

Ryan McElveen

At Large

Omar Fateh

At Large

Megan McLaughlin


Janie Strauss


Pat Hynes

Hunter Mill

Tamara Derenak Kaufax


Sandy Evans


Karen Corbett Sanders

Mount Vernon

Patty Reed


Karen Keys-Gamarra


Board of Supervisors (FEA recommended)

Sharon Bulova


John Foust


Dan Storck

Mount Vernon

Kathy Smith


State House (VEA recommended)

Kathleen Murphy

HD 34

Mark Keam

HD 35

Kenneth Plum

HD 36

David Bulova

HD 37

Kaye Kory

HD 38

Vivian Watts

HD 39

Timothy Hugo

HD 40

Eileen Filler-Corn

HD 41

Joana Garcia

HD 42

Mark Sickles

HD 43

Paul Krizek

HD 44

Charniele Herring

HD 46

Richard “Rip” Sullivan

HD 48

Alfonso Lopez

HD 49

Marcus Simon

HD 53

James LeMunyon

HD 67

Jennifer Boysko

HD 86

State Senate (VEA recommended)

Adam Ebbin

SD 30

Barbara Favola

SD 31

Janet Howell

SD 32

Jennifer Wexton

SD 33

Chap Petersen

SD 34

Richard Saslaw

SD 35

David Marsden

SD 37

George Barker

SD 39

Scott Surovell

SD 36