2018 NEA Convention: FEA Goes to Minneapolis

Hello from the NEA Convention! The FEA has a dozen members here representing our organization on issues that affect the entire country. Over the next week, the FEA will be posting blogs, pictures, and videos of the exciting happenings that are going on in Minneapolis!

Our delegates arrived on Friday and got to know the city a bit by visiting downtown Minneapolis and the Mall of America. Saturday, we started the Virginia state caucus meetings. These meetings are designed for our members to take positions on various resolutions, NEA Constitutional amendments, and new business items that give direction to what our union accomplishes.

In light of the Janus decision, the NEA wants to expand our efforts in the community and partner with them to promote public education. One of the NEA Constitutional Amendments will allow the FEA to accept community allies as members but with some stipulations. The VEA Caucus took a position of support on this topic and this will be voted on in the upcoming days.

FEA members also participate in a rally to protest the detention and separation of immigrant families. NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia gave remarks to the crowd decrying the actions taken by the Trump administration. Afterwards, we marched for a mile and half with other labor unions and protesters.

This week, our members will be going to committee meetings and organized talks on a variety of topics. One of those talks will be centered on engaging new and young educators within our school system. The NEA Human and Civil Rights Award Ceremony is Sunday evening.

Monday, be on the lookout for an opening session video that will show you what it’s like to be in a crowd of 10,000 like-minded educators excited to get business done.

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