FEA Mission

The mission of the Fairfax Education Association is to provide leadership regarding all decisions affecting public education in Fairfax County and to serve as the collective voice of our members.  The Fairfax Education Association advances conditions of teaching, learning, and working within Fairfax County Public Schools through informed advocacy and promotion of the highest standards of professionalism.

 About Fairfax Education Association

The history of the Fairfax Education Association (FEA) as a labor union is one of long and proud service to the students and educators of Fairfax County. For almost 100 years, FEA has served as the voice of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) employees with our state legislators, county supervisors, school board members, other county officials and the superintendent.  Throughout its history, FEA has stayed true to the mission of service to our community and to demanding the highest standards of public education for the children of Fairfax County.

FEA currently represents FCPS employees, including teachers, instructional assistants, custodians, administrative assistants, cafeteria workers and bus drivers. We are affiliated with the Virginia Education Association (VEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).

We serve as the collective voice of our members.  We believe that FCPS educators are advocates for students and FEA provides an avenue for advocacy through lobbying, committee work, professional development, events and rallies, collaboration with coalitions and direct communication with school and community leaders.  Further, we believe that sound policies and procedures must be developed in collaboration with educators whose professional input is invaluable.

FEA believes that an educator’s working conditions are our student’s learning conditions.  When professional educators receive the support and autonomy they deserve, student achievement improves. We are dedicated to putting students first by improving the quality of public education provided in FCPS.