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FAQ: FCPS Response to COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions IMPORTANT UPDATE! CRITICAL EMPLOYEES WHO DRIVE TO FCPS SITES!  If you are an essential/critical employee and required to drive to work for your job with FCPS, you should request a driving document from your supervisor or their direct supervisor.  Driving during this Stay-at-home order may be met with enforcement soon.  Request this […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

We are committed to providing information to help you stay healthy and prepared as this novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreads in our region.  Click here for additional information on prevention, symptoms and much more.  

Join the Fairfax Education Association

Join FEA here! FEA represents members’ views at every opportunity. We attend and speak at School Board meetings, advocate for better funding from the Board of Supervisors, lobby the legislature, and meet with FCPS administration to guide changes in our schools. As a member, you have the power to join (or lead!) those conversations to […]