Over the past 20 years, the workload demands on educators have increased as the job of an educator has evolved. New demands include maintaining assignment and grading information for parents and students online; more time spent analyzing student data; more time meeting about school improvement; more time collaborating with peers, and on and on. Demands on educators have increased.

FEA has worked to limit or reduce unnecessary meetings and other demands on educator time so that educators can concentrate on student success and still have time for their own families and friends. We have met with some success; new (2014) FCPS Regulations have set minimums for teacher planning time during the school day and limited the number of meetings after school hours.

Our work has been informed by workload information provided by our members in response to surveys. A detailed analysis of 2014 survey data can be found here (pdf).

We continue to work to ensure that educators’ time is well spent on furthering student success and not frittered away on administrivia.