FEA works on the issues affecting Educational Support Professionals

Each year a group of FEA members meets with FCPS leadership to discuss desired changes in policies and procedures. The process is known as “Meet and Confer”. We continue to work on several issues raised by our ESP members. These include:

  • Allowing a “Silent Witness” to accompany employees in meetings with supervisors. The Silent Witness would be there to take notes on behalf of the employee and to serve as a witness in the event that there is any subsequent disagreement over what happened in the meeting.
  • Providing pay for employees who are required to be on call. Some employees are required to be on call in case of emergency, and being on call restricts those employees from being able to use their non-working hours as they see fit. They can’t, for example, travel to visit family on a weekend if they’re on call. We think that employees should be compensated for the time that their activities are restricted due to being on call.
  • FCPS should provide adequate supplies to enable employees to perform their jobs. For example, bus drivers are required to keep buses clean but aren’t provided enough paper towels to last more than a few weeks, forcing them to pay for their own supplies.
  • Maintaining building reasonable building temperatures during all working hours. FCPS saves money by turning down the heat at night and by turning down air conditioning during the summer. But some employees, such as custodians, remain at work during those times. We are working to set limits to how hot or cold buildings can get when employees are required to be at work.

School Based Technology Specialists

Elementary School Based Technology Specialists (SBTS) on the Master Schedule

  • The SBTS position was created primarily to provide training for staff members. SBTS are also the point of contact for technology issues in a school. The SBTS work closely with teachers on planning lessons that include technology use. Putting the SBTS on the master calendar limits their ability to provide training and support to all teachers in a building. This affects student achievement because the teachers are not learning how to integrate newer technologies into their lessons.

Potential Solution: Take the SBTS off the master schedule in all elementary schools.

  • The SBTS in the past had regular monthly meetings which included professional development. They were given updates and were able to ask questions in person and collaborate with other SBTS during these meetings and professional development sessions. Now the SBTS cannot attend meetings or professional development because they are on the master schedule, mainly because they need to get a substitute and are forced to use their own leave.

Potential Solution: Provide administrative leave for the SBTS to attend meetings and professional development, if the SBTS continue to be placed on the master schedule.


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