For many children, the first school person they see every day is their bus driver. Secretaries can make students and their parents feel important, wanted, and welcome in their school. Instructional Assistants, who are often one-on one with the neediest of students, may know those children better than anyone in the school. Custodians are essential not only to maintaining a clean and safe environment, but also, they convey a sense of pride and caring for students as they carry out their duties. Food service personnel often provide students with their primary source of nourishment. The important influence of educational support professionals in the education of students is becoming increasingly recognized and appreciated.

The Fairfax Education Association provides programs to assist all members with professional and career development, leadership skills and much more.

Education Supoort Professionals (ESP)

What we do …

  • Work behind the scenes to make our schools run smoothly
  • Strengthen the safety net for at-risk children
  • Create strong ties with the community
  • Promote parent involvement and reach out to multi-cultural communities
  • Take pride in hard work and a job well done
  • Demonstrate the importance of people from all different backgrounds working together to help every child succeed

Without us the doors wouldn’t open.

The bells wouldn’t ring.

Classrooms wouldn’t be clean and well maintained.

Special students would miss the one-on-one support.

The phones wouldn’t be answered.

The lights wouldn’t go on.

The paychecks wouldn’t be issued.

Students would go without lunch.

Public schools run because of the work we do.

We are your …

Para-educators who provide your child with extra help in the classroom and library

School nurses who teach students healthy habits and comfort your sick child

Language tutors who help students learn while preserving traditional ways

Food service workers who prepare and serve your child a warm, healthy meal

Sign Language interpreters who empower deaf and hearing impaired students

Secretaries who make our schools run efficiently and effectively to enhance our children’s education

Special education aides who help special needs children become independent learners

Technicians who keep computers and electronic systems in our schools operating efficiently

Custodians  who work to keep schools clean, safe and well maintained

Bilingual instructors  who bridge cultures through language development

School safety assistants who help keep students safe

Physical plant and warehouse workers who maintain security, heating, lighting, and other systems so our children have a safe learning environment.

We ensure that our public schools are operational throughout the years for students, teachers, ESPs, administration and parents. Imagine a day without an ESP.