Fairfax Education Association Statement on Proposed Fairfax County Public Schools Budget


Fairfax, VA — Jan. 10, 2019 — The Fairfax Education Association is pleased with the proposed FY 2019-20 Fairfax County Public Schools budget presented by Superintendent Brabrand tonight.

We believe that the Superintendent’s commitment to raise salaries for all employees is laudable. The shot in the arm given to the pay scale for teachers over the past two years and the addition of this increase will make Fairfax County Public Schools competitive in an ever-increasing race with other school districts to keep the best and brightest professionals in the classrooms. Our students will be the direct beneficiaries of this proposal.

We must continue the progress that has been made with us and other employee groups on fixing the BA Lanes. This budget does that and the FEA appreciates it.

Support employees are also seeing increases in this proposed budget. While we are fine with the improved salaries, we would like to see the same commitment given to teachers over the last few years mirrored with our support employees.

Too many of our bus drivers, custodians, food service workers, maintenance staff and other support personnel are surviving paycheck-to-paycheck in a region that becomes increasingly difficult to live in year after year. It is imperative that FCPS implements a plan to provide the increases necessary to keep these essential support personnel. The FEA is prepared to put forth a proposal to get these employees the raises and respect they deserve.

We also are cautiously optimistic about putting technology in the hands of every single high school student in the county. This is a great start in making our county more equitable for all of our students. We must make sure that the education opportunities offered with this technology match the investment being given to them.

The best and brightest in our profession come here to FCPS because they can see the promise of what we are as a school system. We must keep that promise, and this budget is a step toward helping us get there.

For more comments, please call our office at 703-352-7300 and/or email us at president@fairfaxea.org.