FAQ: FCPS Response to COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions


My medical condition (or my family member’s) will not allow me to return to face-to-face learning in August. What should I do?

Anyone who has a medical reason or a family member with a medical reason to not return in the fall should contact HR today to start the process to either take leave, or be considered for virtual teaching. This is not a clear process at this point, but we do know that HR wants to begin identifying potential leave situations and people requesting to maintain tele-work options in the new school year.  We will post more information as it becomes available.  For now, contact HR.  email: HRQuestions@fcps.edu; call 571-423-3000 or write to them through their online portal: http://hrconnection.fcps.edu/

Teachers are being told to pack up our worksites. Do I have to go in if I don’t feel comfortable health-wise or have a family member at home who is compromised, or just the fact that the Governor has extended the stay at home order?

If you are asked to come in to pack up students’ or your own belongings, and you are not comfortable, you do not need to report.  You must contact your principal or program manager to discuss your concern.  You do not have to give a reason.  If you are potentially willing to pack up once the Governor’s restrictions are lifted, tell that to your administrator.  If you know that you will not be able to come in until your health is not compromised, let them know that as well.  If you are facing any uncomfortable questions, please call FEA.

My professional license will expire this year, so what can I do about that? 

The state has issued guidance that all licenses will be granted a one-year extension.  If you have all of your requirements met, you should send that forward for approval.  If you simply need a principal’s signature, HR is taking care of that now. If you still lack the face-to-face CPR requirement, the State Legislature has waived that requirement and you can complete your licensure application at this time.

What is happening with employee discipline related issues?  

Discipline matters no longer on hold. You should contact your FEA UniServ to be certain that timelines are in order and you have provided appropriate signatures for documentation.  

How will FCPS handle harassment/discrimination claims and grievances already in process?

Harassment/Discrimination claims are once again being processed and investigated where possible.  Please contact FEA if you have questions.

Will evaluations be cancelled for the remainder of the year and restarted next year?  

The most recent agreement by FCPS is that employees who were considered to have successfully completed their evaluation at mid year, are being upheld and considered complete.  Any one who was told they were “Conditional” at mid-year will not be moved to “Do Not Reappoint” status.  They will be on evaluation next year.  If you were told that you were on “Do Not Reappoint” status at mid-year, and feel there is a lack of evaluation evidence, or you were unable to continue with support systems such as the Colleague Assistance Program (CAP) that were in place in classroom settings that no longer exist, you should call the FEA office IMMEDIATELY.  We will post additional information as soon as it is available.

I am concerned about the new distance learning environment and my likeness being exposed on the internet and shared with students. What can I do to prevent my personal likeness from being shared?

FCPS has not required that instructional staff share their live video feed during instructional time and you have ability to share your screen with related learning and/or an appropriate picture (can be of yourself or another appropriate image) in place of live video feed.  Synchronous instruction is required and live sessions are appropriate, but we understand educator concerns.  Instructors can also pre-record teaching sessions to share with students during personal, asynchronous learning time.  

What is being done to protect students and educators from video misuse and inappropriate content?

Students and educators are still bound by FCPS’ Appropriate Use Policies.  All misuse by students should be reported to your supervisor.  The video recording of these sessions is a useful tool to provide protections for educators.  Recording of sessions for use later by students who were unavailable for the in-person sessions is another benefit.  One-on-one sessions are approved, but it is also encouraged for sessions to include two or more students or engage another colleague or parent to be part of the smaller sessions.  

Who will get paid during the closure?
All employees will be paid for the next two weeks. This includes exempt, non-exempt, contracted hourly, and hourly employees.  Food Service and Bus drivers will continue to be paid and work hours and responsibilities are being adjusted.  FEA continues to advocate for substitute employees to be paid similar to Prince William County Public Schools.  If you have not yet heard from your principal or program manager, contact FEA.

How do I keep up with food distribution sites?
FCPS is publishing food distribution sites on this website: https://www.fcps.edu/news/coronavirus-update-food-resources.

What are the symptoms of Covid-19?
The symptoms of COVID-19 are on the CDC website and include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/symptoms.html

What if I need to see the doctor?
FCPS has details on health plan supports for COVID-19 on this website: https://www.fcps.edu/node/40442.

What if I have a question about testing for COVID-19?
In light of increasing concerns about the COVID-19, FCPS has partnered with our vendors to ensure there are no financial barriers to those who may need to obtain testing. More information is available about supports available to employees and retirees who are covered under the FCPS health plans.

What if I have questions about my benefits or payroll?
While FCPS is closed, please submit your questions through HR Connection.  Staff are working remotely and will answer your questions and contact you back.  for specific questions related to a current leave of absence or an upcoming one, please contact your UniServ staff member.  

What if I’m sick but am considered essential?
Essential employees, those who are required to work even though schools are closed, will most likely need to submit their time through a Time and Attendance Correction Memo. Only job types where all employees are deemed nonessential will have the time off calendar available to them.  Sick Leave is available to employees who are sick with COVID-19 or have a family member they care for who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  

How will the closings impact educators already on Family Medical Leave or about to take leave? 

Employees currently on FMLA leave would continue on leave and once those employees have gone through the return to work process with their Doctor and HR they would be allowed to return to work.  For mothers who have given birth, this return to work can be earlier than the recommended recovery period due to the nature of teleworking, with doctor’s approval. the CARES Act also provides additional options for Child Care leave.  Please contact FCPS HR for additional information.

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