FCPS BA Lanes and Salary Update

FCFT and FEAThere has been a lot of positive movement over the last couple of months regarding the BA Lanes. Our collective action has worked to stop changes that were going to be made.
We were loud and clear with our message to Dr. Brabrand, and the School Board that the intended changes were unacceptable.

Some of those changes included the elimination of BA Lane steps 20 – 23, a new scale for new hires and the elimination of the BA30+ Lane.

Here are the major highlights of our collective action:

No Grandfathering: There will be no grandfathering required for the salary scale. Everyone will continue to follow the track they were on. This cuts down on complications for both the employee and employer. It also allows anyone that was above Step 19 to continue with the salaries they expected.

Restored BA30+ Lane: The BA30+ Lane was restored which allows for people to not have to get a full Masters degree to be able to receive more money in their paycheck.

Plans for Future Masters Equivalent: FEA, FCFT and FCPS will continue to work on a way for people to earn a Masters Equivalent Degree for Fairfax County. We will follow up with FCPS to find dates to continue this discussion for the 2021FY Budget.

The county also has compressed the Longevity Steps for both Bachelors and Masters degrees. Anyone on Step 22 or above will automatically be put on Longevity Step 3 but that will now be Step 23. The preliminary calculations show a break even for earnings for anyone on Step 22 and above but we’re looking into the retirement calculations.

Another item that we are still working on is giving the top of the scale a 1% MSA instead of a 1% bonus. After this upcoming year, the county will give a 1% MSA for all Steps but this would be yet another year that the top of the scale just got a bonus. Remember that a bonus does not count towards retirement.


Kevin Hickerson, Fairfax Education Association
and Tina Williams, Fairfax County Federation of Teachers