FCPS 2015-16 Budget


By now you have likely heard that the Board of Supervisors decided to underfund FCPS by over $7 million. Superintendent Garza has announced that next year employees can expect a full step and a .62% cost of living adjustment. The gap between the hoped for cost of living adjustment and the actual number is due to the underfunding.


At times like these it is understandable that people may want to blame Dr. Garza and the School Board. In years past, FEA has joined in with holding the Administration and School Board accountable for what we have felt were missteps in budget allocation and prioritization. This past year, however, there was a marked change in dynamics. Dr. Garza sat, and sometimes stood and cheered, front and center at our Invest in Fairfax rally. Members of the School Board were present and persistent in siding with FCPS employees at all public comment opportunities.


Next year, FCPS is projected to have a roughly $100 million budget shortfall. Starting now we are asking you, our members, to think of areas where FCPS might achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings. All of you are on the front lines of your programs. If you have ideas about where FCPS can save money, please email them to president@fairfaxea.org. We will be submitting these ideas to the administration over the upcoming months as we work together to find the resources needed to make FCPS world class once again.


In 2015 so far, our activities around the budget have included:


  • Spoke at Board of Supervisor meetings
  • Invest in Fairfax Rally
  • Made several TV and print news spots
  • Worked with community partners

Richmond Rally for State Funding

  • 1,000+ participants
  • PTA community partnership
  • Made every local TV station’s news

Worked with the FCPS School Board

  • Spoke at Board meetings
  • Worked together vs BOS


  • Informed members of work being done
  • Worked with local media outlets to share association viewpoints
  • Members featured on local TV, Washington Post, Fairfax Times, etc.

An excellent FAQ of FCPS’ budget situation can be found here.