Important FCPS Regulations

See below for our most frequently referenced regulations. This list is not inclusive, for the complete list go to the FCPS website. If you have questions about what a specific regulation means or how it should be implemented, please call the FEA office.

Fairfax County Public Schools are governed by policies and regulations approved by the school board. These policies and regulations outline the governance of FCPS. FCPS has its own interface to find these policies, but we’ve included direct links to those we think will be of interest to our members.

Selected FCPS policies and regulations to note:
Abandonment of position R4293
Academic freedom P4410
Adult and community education R4313
Assault by student R4411, R2610
Assignments R4422
Attendance at PTA activities P1720, R4423
Bus Duty R4423
Career level I, career level II, evaluations P4440, R4440
Certification requirements P4130, R4130
Chairpersons R4422
Conduct R4423, R4418, R4420,R4410, R4293
Contract P4120, R4120, R4111
Credit for education R4621
Description of position R4422,  R4423
Destaff P4250, R4250
Dismissal P4290, R4293R4294
Dress  R4423
Employment guidelines

Emergency Closings and Delayed Openings of Schools



Entry level, evaluations R4440
Evaluations R4440
Experience credit–new and former teachers R4625
Field experience students R4004
Grievance procedures R4461
Homebound R4314
Improper conduct R4293
In-service days R1320, R1344, R9001
Interns R4004
Intervention program R4440
Layoff and recall P4280, R4285
Legal assistance P4410
Licensure requirements P4130, R4130, N4131,
Lunch R4421
Marginal evaluations R4440
Mental examination R4140
Non-renewal of contract R4294
Obligations and rights P4410R4423
PTA involvement R4423
Parent conferences/groups R4423
Periods per day R4422
Physical examination R4140, R4418
Placement (closing of schools) P4260, R4260
Planning period R4422
Political campaigns R4833,R1800, R4426, R4429
Position description R4422, R4423
Practicum students R4004
Recess Duty R4423
Recruitment R4111
Reduction in force R4285
Reprimand P4410
Resigning R4291
Responsibilities P2110, R4422, R4423
Retirees R4774
Rights and obligations P4410, R4423
Salary credit for educational achievement R4621
Salary guides R4611
Salary supplements R4650, N4650
Self assessment, student survey R4428
Staffing standards P1301
Student teacher R4004
Substitute R4311
Summer employment R4235
Teacher Advisory Council P1705
Transfer P4240, R4240, R4422
Work assignments R4422
Work hours/length of work year/school calendar R4421
Telecommunications N8340, R8335, R6370