Get on the Line and Make the Calls

Get on the line and make a phone call!

Please contact the Chair, Vice Chair, all three At-large members, and your specific school board member. The link to find out your specific member is below. Take Action today to protect us all! 

Use this script or adapt your own message:

Until our school board members and the entire FCPS leadership team are meeting regularly face to face we should remain online. I strongly believe our school system should honor all employees’ ability to telework during this COVID-19 pandemic. Every effort should be made to do our part to stop the community spread. As a(n) [education professional / community partner / student], I draw the line.” 

School Board Members’ Phone Numbers:


Ricardy Anderson (Mason) – Phone: 571-423-1083

Vice Chair 

Stella Pekarsky (Sully) – Phone: 571-423-1085


Karen Keys-Gamarra – Phone: 571-423-1091

Abrar Omeish – Phone: 571-423-1089

Rachna Sizemore Heizer – Phone: 571-423-1090

District Representatives

Karen Corbett Sanders (Mt Vernon) – Phone: 571-423-1086

Megan McLaughlin (Braddock) – Phone: 571-423-1088

Elaine Tholen (Dranesville) – Phone: 571-423-1087

Melanie Meren (Hunter Mill) – Phone: 571-423-1082

Tamara Derenak Kaufax (Lee) – Phone: 571-423-1081

Karl Frisch (Providence) – Phone: 571-423-1084

Laura Jane Cohen (Springfield) – Phone:  571-423-1080

Ricardy Anderson (Mason) – Phone: 571-423-1083

Stella Pekarsky (Sully) – Phone: 571-423-1085

Student Representative

Nathan Onibudo – Voice Mail: 571-423-1092

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