Happy First Day of School 2020-2021 

Whether you are a classroom teacher, social worker, technology specialist, food services, custodian, office professional, instructional assistant, bus driver or attendant, building administrator, central office staff, or one of the hundreds of other employees who ALL support our students’ return to school this year, the Fairfax Education Association wants to remind you that you are never alone. Your colleagues are there alongside you everyday, even though it may be virtually. Union members just like you, working hard to do our best. 

Students are at the heart of everything we do.  We love them and give so much of ourselves to ensure their future! Thank you to each of you for your courage as we start this year of possibilities with our best foot forward for their success and ours! 

Assume positive intentions, give grace everywhere it’s needed, and reach out to others when you feel overwhelmed.  Nothing will be normal for any of us, but together we shall create our new normal and help our students find their way. We can do this!

I wish each of you a wonderful start of school!



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