The Fairfax Education Association is committed to working together to make FCPS an even better place to work. As the voice of Fairfax County Schools’ employees, we work to bring employees thoughts, ideas, and concerns to the forefront. This website gives examples of some of the district wide concerns we have focused on lately. If something at your worksite could be better, or you have an idea for improving FCPS, please let us know!

Recently we have been working on:


Bullying is wrong, whether the bullying involves students or employees.

Daily Payroll Discrepancies

How your daily compensation is calculated can effect your leave and compensation.

Educator Workload

FEA has had success in limiting the workload of educators.


Evaluations have changed markedly in recent years, and FEA has been there every step of the way.

FCPS Budget

FCPS is anticipating a shortfall next year which could reach $100 million. Here’s what FEA is doing about it.

Intent to Return Forms

FEA has worked make sure these forms are simple, streamlined, and ask only information which is necessary.

Silent Witness

We have been advocating to have the right to a witness at some meetings with your administrator before they become explicitly disciplinary in nature.

School Temperature

Too hot/too cold/just right? FEA has been advocating for policies which take employee comfort into account, during the day and any time employees are working in a building.

On Call Compensation

FEA has been working together to end the unfair process of requiring employees to be available for work on short notice with no compensation.