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Kimberly Adams: It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

Fairfax Education AssociationThe end of the school year is here. For me, it means that I will soon conclude a three-year journey as your FEA President. This fall, I will resume my prior life as a school librarian.

In my term of office, I have welcomed a new superintendent, experienced changes many of us never thought possible in our system, and helped elect a school board and Board of Supervisors who continue to show that they value education.

FEA’s not finished with the tough funding road ahead. But we have waged and won the toughest battle in a decade to begin to restore our system to its pre-recession days. We are not finished with our challenging employee compensation hurdle, but we are working together to find solutions. We are not finished outlining for our system what workplace bullying looks like and how to fight back.

I hope that you feel I have served you well, with all the energy and dedication that one could on such a bumpy road. I am proud of the work that I was able to accomplish alongside our board of directors, building reps, professional staff and so many of you—those who were dedicated to our schools and communities. I will continue to work for our students and families.

Your next president, Kevin Hickerson, is a fine man and will be a superb president. We are fortunate to pass the organization into his capable hands. I know he will continue the work of engaging new board members and building reps.

I ask that if you feel that your association is working for and with you, that you be brave, stand up and get involved. Find those who are passionate like you and drive further change in our system. Stand up and use your power for positive improvements. I vow to be there with you. Will you continue to stand with FEA?

Thank you for everything you do for children in our school system. It’s been a privilege to have served as your president.



Kimberly Adams

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