January 12 National Day of Action – Twitter Storm

Join FEA and other unions across the nation in a National Day of Action on Twitter

President elect, Joe Biden, agrees that a massive infusion of resources will be needed in his first 100 days to reopen schools. However, many of our school systems have refused to address unhealthy and inequitable conditions in our schools and communities. We know that they have EARNED our mistrust. The only way schools will open safely and equitably for Black, Brown, Indigenous and working class children is if we, as parents, educators and students organize, inform and drive the reopening.

Thousands of parents, students, teacher unions and school staff that have been on the frontlines fighting for racial justice in the US public school system are joining forces on January 12th to demand equity and safe conditions before schools are fully reopened. As the fight against systemic racism and state sanctioned violence has reached historic heights, on the heels of the disparate impact of COVID-19 on Black, Brown and Indigenous families, organizers and union leaders are coalescing around a comprehensive set of demands to ensure that the safety of students and school staff is guaranteed before school doors are opened.  See this document to join in the storm. 

What is a Twitter Storm?

A Twitter storm is a sudden spike in activity surrounding a certain topic on Twitter. It is one way to amplify a message and tag the target directly. 

Targets: Biden/Harris Administration; @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris; Secretary of Education Cardona: @teachcardona; US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights: @EDcivilrights


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