Monday, April 16: BA Salary Lanes Work Session at 3:30 p.m.


Fairfax County Public Schools has changed the time of the work session on the BA Lanes scheduled for Monday, April 16 at Gatehouse Room 1600. It is now 3:30 instead of 4:30!

Fairfax Education Association will be handing out stickers to show solidarity and support on this issue.

Remember to tell your colleagues, even those not affected, to show up and help out their fellow teachers. You can use this link to see the agenda and if they put out any information ahead of the meeting on the potential fixes.

As of April 15, the agenda included the following

Problem Statement (If applicable): 

The new teacher salary scale was designed to provide teachers a salary that is market competitive, which is defined as career earnings between 95 to 105 percent of the market average. While the majority of lanes on the former scale were below market, FCPS was above market for the Bachelor’s Salary Lanes. To maintain a market competitive scale, the new teacher scale capped the Bachelor Salary Lanes at 19 steps. This limited the career earnings of teachers on the Bachelor’s Salary Lanes.

Summary/Background (Key Points):

For the FY 2018 school year, as part of the FY 2017 Final Budget Review in July, the school board approved a one-year monetary step increase for all teachers at step 19 and above on the Bachelor’s Salary Lanes.

In November 2017, FCPS recommended a program to provide a 3% bonus to teachers for 3 years on the Bachelor’s Salary Lanes from Step 19 up to the last step on the FY 2017 teacher salary scale. In addition, a tuition-sharing Master’s Cohort Program was established to provide teachers on the top steps of the Bachelor’s Salary Lanes an opportunity to earn a Master’s Degree in as little as two years. As part of this program, FCPS also reinstated tuition reimbursement, which is available to all employees, with priority provided to teachers on the Bachelor’s Salary Lanes at Step 19 and higher.

As part of the FY 2018 Midyear Budget Review, the Board set-aside $1.1 million to address options for teachers on the Bachelor’s Salary Lanes at Step 19 and higher and allocated $0.3 million for the Master’s Cohort Program and tuition reimbursement to begin in the second half of FY 2018. In order to mitigate the impact of the new scales on teachers at the top of the Bachelor’s Salary Lanes, the School Board requested costing information for additional options.

Today’s work session will include the cost of the options as well as the current state of the Master’s Cohort and tuition reimbursement programs.


School Board consensus on the plan to mitigate the impact of the new scales for teachers on the top of the bachelor’s salary lanes.

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