Fairfax Education Association Resolution on Black Lives Matter and Racial Equity

A RESOLUTION to declare that the lives of Black students, staff, and community members matter. WHEREAS, throughout our nation’s history, institutional and structural racism have caused injustices that deepen racial disparities across all sectors of society and have lasting negative consequences for our communities, cities, and nation; and WHEREAS, historically, when Black people have fought […]

Black Lives Matter

Rally Link : https://actionnetwork.org/events/educators-for-black-lives-matter?source=direct_link& The Fairfax Education Association is angry and devastated over the events of the last week, from the injustice of George Floyd’s death to the absurd use of unnecessary force on the peaceful protests that have followed.  There is a history of deeply rooted racism that plagues the institutions that govern and protect […]

FAQ: FCPS Response to COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions UPDATED June 12 My medical condition (or my family member’s) will not allow me to return to face-to-face learning in August. What should I do? Anyone who has a medical reason or a family member with a medical reason to not return in the fall should contact HR today to start the […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

We are committed to providing information to help you stay healthy and prepared as this novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreads in our region.  Click here for additional information on prevention, symptoms and much more.  

Join the Fairfax Education Association

Join FEA here! FEA represents members’ views at every opportunity. We attend and speak at School Board meetings, advocate for better funding from the Board of Supervisors, lobby the legislature, and meet with FCPS administration to guide changes in our schools. As a member, you have the power to join (or lead!) those conversations to […]