You are eligible!

All current members in good standing of the Fairfax education Association and Fairfax Education Association-Retired are eligible. Members’ spouses and dependents are also eligible.

Please remember…

Consulting an attorney as soon as you become aware of a possible legal issue can often save you time and money. Take advantage of your member benefits today!

FEA Legal Services

Take advantage of two free 30 minute consultations per year and a free simple will provided by FEA’s legal services program. FEA has an agreement with the Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law to provide these services. To schedule an appointment for a free simple will or a free 30 minute consultation with an attorney, call 703-745-1813 and ask to speak with Steven Stone. Be sure to identify yourself as an FEA member.

If you need help with a work-related legal problem, call FEA at 703-352-7300.

Meet our Attorney

Steven David Stone is a graduate of Edison High School, Princeton University, and the University of Richmond Law School. Practicing more than 35 years, Stone takes pride in the fact that most of his cases are quietly resolved in a way that protects his clients’ rights and avoids costly litigation. His wide-ranging experience encompasses most areas of law, and he has worked with FEA and other education associations for many years. The proud father of four children who have graduated from Fairfax County Public Schools, he takes an active interest in the civic, political, and religious affairs in this community.

About Steven David Stone

The goal of Steven David-Stone, is to provide the personalized, attentive, diligent services clients deserve when they entrust an important matter to an attorney. From simple consultations to complex problems, we are dedicated to providing experienced counsel you can trust to serve your best interests.

A full-service law firm, we have represented clients before Virginia and federal courts, government agencies, local governments and departments, and school boards. Our clients include individuals, families, and businesses. We have served as counsel to all area Education Associations, the Fairfax Bar Association, the Virginia Department of Transportation, many trade associations, professional organizations, and corporations. We have provided legislative and lobbying services to local governments and the Virginia General Assembly on behalf of clients.

When complex legal issues require it, we draw on the expertise of a well-established network of consultants, forming teams which might include physicians, psychologists, private investigators, trial preparation experts, other attorneys, accountants, appraisers, surveyors, engineers, economists, vocational rehabilitation and accident reconstruction experts.

We look forward to serving you!

Sometimes we have problems and conflicts that we cannot resolve ourselves. Too often, we find ourselves involved in situations where we need experienced, professional help to find the answers, but we don’t know where to find that assistance or if we can afford it.

As an FEA member you are entitled to free advice and consultation from our lawyers, advice that will let you know exactly where you stand and what you can do to resolve your problem.

And, if you need an attorney, our FEA Legal Service Program is prepared to represent you at substantially reduced rates. These services are provided to you at a lower cost than you would pay elsewhere for skilled and experienced attorneys. In fact, some services are provided to you at no cost.

What is the plan?

The legal plan is a comprehensive program that provides legal advice and representation to members of the Fairfax Education Association and eligible members of their families in the basic areas of the law which affect us all:

  • Family Law: Custody & visitation, divorce (contested and uncontested), pensions, marital homes, settlement agreements, spousal and child support
  • Contract preparation and review
  • Civil law and litigation (filing and defending lawsuits)
  • Criminal law (felonies, misdemeanors)
  • Government and administrative law
  • Juveniles/Minors (crimes/education issues)
  • Personal injuries and accidents
  • Traffic court (DUI/DWI/Reckless Driving/Speeding)
  • Estate planning/Wills/Financial Planning
  • Powers of Attorney and Advance Medical Directives

The plan provides you access to a competent, concerned legal staff and lawyers available for consultation or representation, even in emergencies. Our attorneys can act as your representative in most of the legal problems you will ever face. Please ask us about our other areas of practice.

The program specifics

The following services are provided at no cost to you:

  • Two one-half hour consultations with an attorney per year, by phone or in-person
  • One simple will per year for the member and his or her spouse
  • Notary services

Personal injury cases arising from an accident which was not your fault are handled on a contingency basis. If you are awarded money as a result of your injuries, the attorney’s fee will be paid from the reward you receive. If you do not receive any payment, you will not be charged any attorney’s fees.

Our legal services are provided at a significantly reduced rate (40% discount). If you decide after your initial consultation with an attorney that you wish further legal assistance, there will be a retainer agreement with the firm which will address matters specific to your case.

If your legal issue arises in a jurisdiction distant from Northern Virginia or where the attorneys of Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law are not licensed to practice, the firm will refer you to other competent attorneys who offer reduced rates and services as part of the Fairfax Education Association Legal Services Plan.

VEA Legal Services

Working in education, while a noble profession, carries with it a certain amount of risk.

No one, from veteran educators to those brand new in the profession, is immune, and one unfounded accusation or misrepresented occurrence can quickly derail a career.

That’s why you need the legal safety net that comes with membership in the Virginia Education Association. Here’s how you’re protected:

  • Staff assistance and access to legal consultation if you’re injured in the course of your work or need leave for health or personal reasons
  • Legal representation if you face dismissal for cause
  • Legal representation if you are accused of abusing a student and therefore are investigated by social workers.
  • Legal representation if, during the course of your school duties, you are accused of committing a crime or face criminal prosecution
  • Liability insurance coverage for attorney fees and costs if you are acquitted of a criminal charge, or if those charges are dismissed
  • Liability insurance coverage to pay for the defense of civil suits brought against you in the course of your work and to cover damages assessed against you in such suits
  • The Attorney Referral Program, which offers discounts for legal representation in matters not related to your school employment, such as wills, real estate and traffic court matters

The VEA will be there for you when you need it the most. For more information, contact the VEA Division of Legal Services at (800) 552-9554.

NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Policy

The NEA EEL policy is one of the most-valued legal benefits of Association membership. Current VEA members may also review and print the NEA EEL Claim Form and the Virginia EEL Certificate by accessing the documents in our Members Only area under Legal Services Documents. You will need to use your credentials or (for first-time users) register for access.