Fairness and Retirement

Sisters and Brothers,
The FCPS School Board still has a plan to take money from your colleagues’ retirement to fill the gap for potential salaries. The battle is not finished but I wanted to update you on the progress so far.
Over the past few months, the Fairfax Education Association has done the following:

  • FEA has met with various stakeholders in ERFC to listen to their stories.
  • FEA Board of Directors and Representative Assembly unanimously voted no changes to ERFC.
  • FEA has met with the FCPS School Board on changes to YOUR retirement.
  • FEA helped to influence the School Board not to move the retirement age to 60.

In a year where we may not get promised increases in salary and our health insurance premiums can potentially go up, is this the time to take away more benefits from over 8,000 employees to save about 4.5 million dollars? There is no guarantee that this money will be used for a Step that would total around 40 million dollars. Even so, does it make sense to take money from one group of employees to spread throughout FCPS? Would you want that done to you and your retirement?
I’m asking you to join the FEA on February 9th at Luther Jackson and tell the School Board “NO” cuts to our employees.

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