Who gives students the power of a great education?

You do.

You spend your life teaching kids, supporting them, and making sure that they have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their lives, careers, and communities.

You give your students the power of a great education. FEA makes sure that you have the tools, the protections, and the resources to do the incredible work that you do every day. The Fairfax Education Association provides programs to assist all members with professional and career development, leadership skills and much more.

While the definition of a teacher varies in the Commonwealth of Virginia Education Law, a teacher’s customary duties might be described this way: Teachers usually perform duties that include planning educational experiences for students, providing classroom instruction, supervising students in non-instructional periods such as lunch and study hall, attending faculty and other professional meetings, participating in school conferences with parents, supervising extracurricular activities and attending school functions such as school open houses.