FEA Survey about FCPS Teacher Performance Evaluation Program (TPEP)

Program Costs a Lot of Educators’ Time but Isn’t Useful

TPEP survey 6.19.16


FEA recently conducted a survey of members’ views about teacher evaluations.

The Teacher Performance Evaluation Program (TPEP) was rolled out in FCPS in 2012 in response to changes in Virginia state mandates. It was supposed to provide an opportunity for useful feedback to enhance educator’s practice and abilities.  Instead, when FEA surveyed our members we found that the system has added an average of two days to educators’ workloads while rarely providing the promised real time feedback.

Our survey also found that the time-consuming nature of the evaluation instrument leads to short-cuts being taken by some administrators. 10.9% of respondents reported that their evaluators made no formal observations at all; 52% report that none of their formal observations lasted an entire lesson.

Educators believe that the subjective information provided by TPEP does not justify the huge investment of time. Replacing or streamlining the evaluation system will take changes both in FCPS’ evaluation system and in the guidelines from the VA Department of Education, and FEA will work to implement those changes.

Take a look at the results and our recommendations for changes to the evaluation program.  Thank you to all of you who took the time to fill out our survey.  Your input is absolutely necessary as we advocate for changes to this flawed system.

The full survey results and recommendations are AVAILABLE HERE.


Kimberly Adams

President, Fairfax Education Association


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