Our schools need your vote!

The attacks on public education are in full bloom across the country. Over the last nine months, we have seen a national administration that wants to take the “public” out of public education. They are stripping rights to special education students, making plans to re-segregate our schools through vouchers, and loosening standards on for-profit charter schools. This is not about being partisan. This is about preserving public education as a foundation for our country. Our children, our families, and our communities stand to lose so much from this corporate takeover of public education.

Virginia is not immune to this encroachment on our school system.

Virginia has about two weeks before another Election Day comes and goes. I know it is a cliché to say that “every election is the most important”. In this case, the 2017 Election is incredibly important for public education here in the Commonwealth.

We have one candidate for Governor who wants to make sure that educators and the public can help shape the way we continue to educate our students. We have another who wants to have private corporations come in and takeover our public schools. I urge you to take a look at our “Members Only” page at www.fairfaxea.org or go to www.veafund.org to find out who we support.

We also have great candidates running for the House of Delegates that can use your support. Again, check out the links above for more information on who we believe is right for public education.

You should also vote “In-person Absentee” if you can. Most of us will be working on Election Day. If you are going to be working and commuting more than 11 hours total, you can cast your vote early. Before you worry, yes, they will count it on November 7th. Voting early allows for you not to worry on Election Day on whether you are going to make it to your polling location on time. Check out your local government’s voting website for times and locations.

The future of public education is in your hands. That’s not hyperbole. That’s a fact. On November 7th, vote to keep public education a right that all of Virginia can enjoy.

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