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Anytime you need professional support, we are here to help!

When to call FEA

Most FEA members know that membership brings with it the benefits of legal advice and protections. But the FEA office and the UniServ Directors are there for other things as well. The job of the UniServ program is to make sure every FEA member has ready access to all Association resources at the local, state and national levels. Call us:

  • When you want to know what your rights and options are in a difficult situation
  • When a regulation or policy is being violated
  • When you want to know about your FEA benefits
  • When you receive an inaccurate evaluation or when the evaluation has followed proper procedure
  • When you first learn you are at risk of being disciplined, reprimanded or dismissed
  • When Liberty Mutual first denies your request for short term disability
  • When you are the subject of an inquiry by the police or a Child Protective Services caseworker
  • When a student or parent threatens or intimidates you
  • When you are served with lawsuit papers or summons stemming from a work-related incident
  • When you have a question about the implementation of a policy, regulation or law

When you call the FEA Office

  • Know that you must be a member to receive assistance.
  • You may be asked if you have spoken with your Building Rep Your first contact should be with that individual, if at all possible.
  • You should be prepared to provide supporting documentation, relevant emails, and timelines.
  • Many issues are time sensitive. If you call us after a significant amount of time has passed, understand that our options to help you may be limited.
  • All information you share with the FEA office staff is confidential.
  • No actions will be taken on your behalf without your authorization.
  • The UniServ Director, in consultation with the VEA Director of Legal Services, will determine if legal services are necessary and make the appropriate referrals.
  • Our job is to make sure that district processes and procedures are followed correctly and to advocate for better policies when the existing ones are posing challenges.