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FEA represents members’ views at every opportunity. We attend and speak at School Board meetings, advocate for better funding from the Board of Supervisors, lobby the legislature, and meet with FCPS administration to guide changes in our schools.

As a member, you have the power to join (or lead!) those conversations to make your views heard.

A Chance to be a Leader

FEA is always looking for members to participate in bigger and better ways. Whether you want to be a building leader, lobby the legislature, or build organizational strength, members have the ability to be true leaders in their profession.

Advocacy in Your School or Worksite

You spend all day working to make sure that students have the best possible education. Isn’t it time you had someone to advocate for you the way you stand up for your students? If you have an issue on the job, FEA will be there to offer guidance, advice, and even legal representation under certain circumstances. FEA also trains members in advocacy skills so that you have the tools needed to create positive change in both your work location and your profession overall. You fight hard for the kids, and you deserve someone to fight just as hard for you.

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What has FEA done lately?

  • FEA worked with key leaders to bring more money into the school system’s budget. This led to raises for everyone. We also led the fight on making sure salary lanes are fair and equitable to all employees.
  • VEA successfully fought for changes to teacher licensure. Now, teacher licenses last 10 years instead of employees being forced to renew every 5 years.
  • FEA brings your concerns to FCPS through Meet and Confer (Virginia’s alternative to collective bargaining).
  • FEA works to educate the public on FCPS underfunding.
  • FEA lobbies the Fairfax Board of Supervisors and state legislators in Richmond to fund schools.
  • FEA worked to defeat Charter Schools and other bills in Richmond, which would take away local authority over charter school authorization and how our public education money is spent.
  • In addition, FEA members serve on the budget task force, Superintendent’s Advisory Committees, Benefits, and other Fairfax County Public Schools committees.

Professional Benefits of Membership

Through your membership in FEA, you’ll have opportunities to go education conferences, meet coworkers, network, and work together to make education better around Virginia and throughout the country.

You’ll receive help and support when you need it, whether it’s advice or an attorney.

Attend Professional Development Programs and Conferences — Evaluation Workshops, VEA Instructional Conference, VEA ESP conference, Reggie Smith Organizing School, Model
Teacher, SPARKS, and more.

Access the NEA Academy — online learning designed for today’s busy educator.

Get reimbursed for your Virginia licensure fees!


Your FEA membership comes with everyday living and financial benefits, too: Our extensive member benefits program allows our members to save enough money to pay for their membership dues.

  • Click and Save—exclusive discounts at everyday retailers and
  • Vacation package, amusement park, hotel and rental car discounts
  • Complimentary Life Insurance free for as long as you are an active member
  • Financial programs, credit card, cell phone, and tax preparation discounts
  • Auto buying programs
  • NEA Auto and Home Insurance specifically designed for those who work in education
  • Scholarships and Grants

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