Be part of something bigger than yourself

FEA represents members’ views at every opportunity. We attend and speak at school board meetings, advocate for better funding from the Board of Supervisors, lobby the legislature, and meet with FCPS administration to guide changes in our schools. As a member, you have a pipeline to join in (or lead!) those conversations to make your views heard.

A chance to be a leader

FEA is always looking for members to participate in bigger and better ways. Whether you want to be a building representative, lobby the legislature, or build organizational strength, members have the ability to be true leaders in their profession.

Advocacy in your school or worksite

You spend all day working to make sure that students have the best possible education. Isn’t it time you had someone to advocate for you the way you stand up for your students? If you have an issue on the job, FEA will be there for you to offer guidance, advice, and even legal representation under certain circumstances. FEA also trains members in advocacy skills so that you have the tools needed to create positive change in both your work location and your profession overall. You fight hard for the kids, and you deserve someone to fight just as hard for you.

Dues that work for you with money-saving benefits

Yes, FEA charges dues. Your dues keep the lights on, hire the professional staff that work on your behalf, and also pay for your automatic membership in the Virginia Education Association (VEA) and the National Education Association (NEA). An extensive member benefits and discounts program leverages the buying power of millions of NEA members that can offset your dues. Before you decide you can’t afford it, take a look at the money that being a member will save you at

Camaraderie among Union Brothers & Sisters

FEA spends time in schools, school board work sessions, school board meetings, Richmond lobby days, union outings, campaigns, lobbying, picnics, and other aspects of union work. Like other unions, FEA contributes to the community throughout Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. FEA hosts “FEA Friday’s” around Fairfax County for our members to spend time together outside of the school environment. The Fairfax Education Association has hosted a “Put Kids First” event, member picnics, “Paint N’ Sip” events, and other special events. FEA also pairs up with other local unions when events are taking place outside of FCPS in solidarity among associations.

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