Year End Wrap Up, Salary Scales, and Workload

This year has been an interesting year. We were not without our challenges and setbacks, but we find that when we work together we can make great gains. We pushed back against many of the most harmful changes to ERFC, we defeated the Right to Work Amendment statewide, and kept local control of charter school approval. FEA leaders and staff visited 75 work locations to meet with members and non-members alike.

Often we see the summer as a time to take a breath, even those of us with second jobs or year-round schedules. This summer we cannot afford to sit on our laurels. In addition to preparing for an excellent 2017-18 school year, we have much work to do.

On June 22nd we had an information briefing at Luther Jackson MS to discuss changes to the BA and IA salary scales. Dozens of people turned up to ask questions and share their stories. FEA is working hand in hand with the other employee organizations to push back against these sudden and distressing changes.

What you can do:

We will have an email ready next week that our members can send to school board members, but you can also start now by contacting the School Board with your stories and concerns about how the salary scale changes impact you or people you know.

July 13th and 27th

The school board has meetings scheduled for July 13th and 27th. You can help by attending one or both of those meetings and by signing up to speak at the meeting on the 13th if you feel comfortable. Message our office ( if you would like to speak at the meeting on the 13th and would like FEA assistance.

Also, the School Board passed an amendment during budget season saying that they will be putting together a group in the Fall of 2017 to address workload issues in FCPS. FEA is starting on this project early. Over the next weeks and months our leadership and staff will be compiling information and member suggestions about potential fixes to workload issues. This is occurring primarily through the Meet and Confer committee. If you would like to have a more active role in this process, let us know by emailing me at

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